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History of The Alleppey co-operative spinning mills


 The Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills started the wholehearted interest of Honorable Ex-Minister Sri Thachady Prabhakaran who was the Ministe for Finance in the Ministry headed by Sri. E.K.Nayanar, Chief Minister during the year 1980-82, and the Mills started as a primary society and registered as per the KCS Act-1969 on 21.7.1981 as (ST ) 8 with an authorized share capital of 3,00,00,000/ in a share of 30,000.  The First Board meeting was conducted on 28th Nov1982 and the following  Directors were presented.

Sri. Thachady Prabhakaran (President) 
Sri. K.M. Abdul Lathif 
Sri. K.S. Vasudeva sarma 
Sri. N. Krishna kumar 
Sri. Thundathil kunju Krishna pillai 
Sri. K. Abdul salam 
Sri. K . Narayan 
Sri. C.K. Vasu 
Sri. M.K. Purushothama Das 
Sri. A.C. Mathew 
Sri. V.M. Abdul Khader

After years,  in the year 1999, the Mills started its commercial production by the strong leadership of Sri. G Sudhakaran, then  MLA and the present Hon'ble Minister of Kerala for Public Works and Registration Department and the following persons were in the Board as Directors. 

Sri K.K. Chellapan (Director) 
Sri S. Govinda kurup, Ex MLA (Director) 
Sri V.S. Moni (Director) 
Sri M.A. Aliyar (Director) 
Sri Adv. B. Rajendran (Director)

The trial run inaugurated by  Smt. Suseela Gopalan (late), then Hon'ble Minister for Industries, Govt.of Kerala. Initially the Mills started with 6048 spindles to produce coarser counts like 40 Combed counts. 

In  the year 2010,  the Govt. of Kerala availed a Hank yarn project – a project to cater the requirements of our Hank yarn to the traditional sector of Handlooms at a reasonable price. 

In the same year, the Mills  increased its capacity to 12096 spindles with new state of art technology Machines.

In the year 2015, the  Government of Kerala considered for Rehabilitation, Modernization, and Expansion  of Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills with NCDC assistance, by a total cost of 33.9426 crores. The detailed Project of 33.9426 crores was approved by  the Govt. of Kerala and availed 33.6799 crores. The project is  completed and the new state of art technology machines was erected and we are able to cater good quality yarn as per the requirements of market.  The Mills continuing its functioning  under the strong and intellectual management of Sri.M.A.Aliar, Hon'ble Chairman and P.S.Sreekumar, General Manager/CEO . The present Director Board members are

1. Sri. K.Sudheer, Director of Handlooms and Textiles

2. Sri. K.Radhakrishnan, Additional Secretary, Industries Department, Govt. of Kerala

3. Sri. A.Ajith Kumar, Joint Secretary, Finance Department, Govt. of Kerala.

4. Sri. M.K.Salim, Managing Director, TEXFED.

During 2015 the Mills got ISO 9001:2008 Certification and the Alleppey Cooperative Spinning Mills was the first Spinning Mills under Govt. of Kerala got this Certificate of Quality Management System.

During 2017, we transitioned the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate to ISO 9001:2015 Certificate which is the latest form of ISO Certification. Here also we had shown our dedicated teamwork.

Now, the Mills having 250 Employees and producing a wide range of Cotton Yarn of Carded and Combed counts from 30s to 100s Auto coned yarn in Cone and Hank form according to the requirement of Market. 

We are all thinking about improving the performance of the Mills day by day and expecting that we can cross all constraints because all employees of the Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills are positively - minded due to the positive approach of approved Trade Union Leaders.