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The Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills started the wholehearted interest of Honorable Ex-Minister Sri ThachadyPrabhakaran, and the Mills started as a primary society and registered on 21.7.1981 as (ST ) 8 with an authorized share capital of 3,00,00,000/ in a share of 30,000. As per the KCS act 1969. The First Board meeting was conducted on 28th NOV.1982 the following persons were presented.

Sri. ThachadyPrabhakaran (President)
Sri. Thundathil Kunju Krishna pillai
Sri. M.K. Purushothama Das
Sri. K.S. Vasudevasarma
Sri. V.M. Abdul Khader
Sri. N. Krishna kumar
Sri. K.M. Abdul Lathif
Sri. K. Abdul salam
Sri. A.C. Mathew
Sri. K . Narayan
Sri. C.K. Vasu
After years, in the year 1999, the Mills started its commercial production by the strong leadership of Mr. G Sudhakaran, the present Minister for Public Works Department and Registration of Govt. of Kerala and the following persons were in the Board as Directors.

Sri S. Govindakurup, Ex MLA (Director)
Sri Adv. B. Rajendran (Director)
Sri K.K. Chellapan (Director)
Sri M.A. Aliyar (Director)
Sri V.S. Moni (Director)
On 1.12.98 trial run inaugurated by Smt. SuseelaGopalan, thenHon'ble Minister for Industries,Govt.of Kerala .Initially the Mills started with 6048 spindles to produce coarser counts like 40 Combed counts.
In the year 2010, the Govt. of Kerala availed a Hank yarn project – a project to cater the requirements of Hank yarn to the traditional sector with a reasonable price.

In the same year the Mills increased its capacity to 12096 spindles with new state of art technologyMachines.Now, the Mills having 250 Employees and producing a wide range of Cotton counts like 40s , 60C, 62K,80C,82K,90C according to the market requirement, Also Mills producing wide range of Hank yarns like 40, 2/40, 60C, 2/60C, 62k, 2/62 k,80k,2/80k, 80C, 2/80C according to the requirement of hank yarn societies or National Hand loom Development Corporation.

In the year 2010, the government considered the Mills for Revitalization of Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills with NCDC assistance by releasing 150 Lakhs and then during 2015 Govt. of Kerala revised the Project by approving 33.9426 Crores. This Project is completed in the Mills and new state of art of technology machines were erected in the Mills. The Mills implementing this Project by its present Chairmanship of Shri.M.A.Aliar. Now the mill is functioning as a nominated Director Board and the Govt. of Kerala nominating the members including Chairman.

The following are the present Director Board Members

Sri. K.S.Pradeep Kumar, Hand loom & Textiles (Director)
Sri. S.Murali( Joint Secretary , Industries Department )
Sri. A.Ajithkumar ( Joint Secretary , Finance Department)
Sri. M.K.Salim,(Managing Director, TEXFED)
Sri. P.S.Sreekumar ( General Manager/CEO)
Sri. K.Sudheer( Director of Handlooms and Textiles)
The Alleppey Cooperative Spinning Mills consistently achieving above 90 % Capacity Utilization for the lastfive years and during the year 2015, the Mills got ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification and the Alleppey Cooperative Spinning Mills is the first Spinning Mills under the control of Govt. of Kerala achieving this and this certificate was transformed as ISO 9001:2015 during 2017.
The Mill is nowcompleted NCDC assisted Rehabilitation cum Modernization and Expansion scheme and after the completion of this Project, the Mill achieved its spindle capacity to 25200 with most modern machines. Now all new machineries were erected. After the completion of this Project, the Mill will be able to produce best quality yarn and this will help to compete with the Mills in private sector and the results will be fetching more rate to the yarn. Also this will help the Mills to serve best quality hank yarn to the traditional hank yarn societies of entire Kerala.
For the improvement of the Mills, the Govt. of Kerala lead by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. PinaraiVijayan and Shri. E.P.Jayarajan ,then Hon’ble Minister for Industries and Commerce extended whole support and this helped us to complete the modernization project on time.
Also the Mill have a good technical team as well as ambitioned Trade Union representatives will leads to the Mills in heights of Textile Industry
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